Why Businesses Should Be Using User-Generated Content

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Why Companies Should Be Using User-Generated Content

It is a full-time job for local business owners to generate content for social media and their other websites. By using user-generated content (UGC), though, they may have a moment to rest. UGC is content developed by users and can come in the form of images, reviews, posts to social media and a lot of other formats. Since 85 percent of people believe brand-generated content is less significant than UGC, it is obviously important, and you will get other rewards too.

User-Generated Content Builds Trust

One of the largest benefits to user-generated content is the fact that it builds trust. The customer who creates the content, for example, often feels privileged if their photo, video or post is noticed and shared by a company. Additionally, other clients will take note that a real person took their time to interact with your small business. This lets them know that you truly build relationships rather than simply sell a product.

Search Engine Optimization Improvement

When you create more content, your search engine value comes up. Fortunately, this is also the case when shoppers create content for you. A Google search of any organization will often return results of users leaving comments or posting on your other content from the business. Moreover, Google can differentiate between sales content and user-generated content. Luckily, they generally put more ranking value on the latter.

UGC Improves Engagement

Imagine posting an image on Pepsi's Facebook of yourself enjoying the beverage then finding out they later posted the image too. You would probably become a bit ecstatic over the prospect of millions of people seeing content you created yourself. This is true of all user-generated content, albeit on a more compact scale. If you share something a user developed, they and their friends are likely to share it as well. Remember that every bit of engagement is worth striving towards.

User-generated content is not new, but businesses are learning how to better utilize it these days. Take the time to get followers to interact by their sharing of images, videos or even their opinion about your organization. Content is content, and this is true irrespective of where it came from.

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