The Mobile Marketing Mistakes that Hurt Local Businesses

The Mobile Marketing Mistakes that Hurt Local Businesses

Posted by Rudy Labordus in Lead Generation, Marketing Strategies 1 Comment

3 Mobile Marketing Mistakes Local Businesses Must Avoid 

Mobile marketing has been around for a while, but only a few years ago, it was focused on text messages. By the end of 2015, though, nearly 70 percent of Americans had a smartphone. This meant mobile marketing stepped into an entirely new arena. Fortunately, promotional strategies have evolved as well. If a local business owner is making the following mobile marketing mistakes, though, they’re doing themselves a huge disservice.

Offering Content that Doesn’t Match Mobile

Offering Content that Doesn’t Match MobileQR codes, mobile ads, and text messages are all ways to reach people on their mobile devices. It’s important to recognize, though, that not all content is ideal for mobile marketing. It’s important to consider all device types when doing this. An ad or QR code that leads to a long page that requires tons of scrolling isn’t ideal for a smartphone, and links to Apple apps sent to Android devices won’t pay off well either. Local business owners must fully think out their content.

Not Offering Check-In Discounts

Not Offering Check-In DiscountsFor anyone who has browsed at a bookstore and simultaneously looked up the same books via Amazon, it’s easy to understand how not offering a check-in discount can backfire. People who show up at a store may do nothing more than compare prices to competitors, and this won’t always work out well. By offering discounts for those consumers who check in via social media, though, local business owners can increase the likelihood of a sale.

No Call to Action

No Call to ActionWhether it’s a social media campaign or magazine ad, all marketing materials need a call to action. This is especially important for mobile marketing. People need incentives to sign up for email lists or download an app. Local business owners must figure out a way to provide such incentives through calls to action.

Mobile marketing isn’t the wave of the future; it’s the wave of now. More and more, businesses of all sizes are recognizing this, but if they’re making the aforementioned mistakes, they’re causing real harm to their mobile strategy.

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  1. Deebak Akash

    Hello Rudy, I agree with the point that lot’s of marketers are doing mobile marketing wrong.

    The major mistake is the kind of content that marketers create. If a marketer finds that majority of the target audience is engaging on mobile platform, then he should curate the content for that particular platform. Writing lengthy articles won’t help, instead creating small and interesting articles.

    Integrating CTA’s on mobile content will also help increase lead generation.

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