That place where Coke tastes SO good

That place where Coke tastes SO good

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Now I've seen everything.

A long long time ago, an ad was expected to fully demonstrate a product.

The thinking was an ad is like a sales person, but you're giving your pitch to many people at the same time.

Then time moved on and we learned (correctly) to sell the ‘sizzle' and not the ‘steak'.  Meaning don't worry so much about the product as much as you should on the ‘benefits' of the product.  For example, a remote control has buttons and is an amazing piece of technology – but the benefit is that you never have to leave the comfort of your seat to change the channels (if you relate to getting up and changing channels like me, you're showing your age). 🙂

So I've just recently seen an American ad whose creative execution does not even mention the brand.  Yes, you do hear the brand “Coke” mentioned, in their main slogan “That place where Coke tastes SO good“, but it's not actually an ad made by Coke.

The ad doesn't even appear on the company Facebook page or general website.

So if they don't mention the brand – would that not be a waste of money?

In all reality this creative idea in the past would have been laughed out of any serious boardroom along with instantly dismissing the agency as crazy.

But how wrong they would be.

I know this ad is “killing it” by the amount of people who have already watched the ad on Youtube. Over 3,500,000 views in the first week since it aired (at the time of writing this article).

The target market are millennials who are known to be playing on their phone while watching TV.  This is the new way they “discover information” that they trust according to the NY Times.

Who is the promoter? Well if you like the video, figure it out.  It's part of the fun. 🙂

Kudos to the agency and the client for allowing the experiment.  

That place where Coke tastes SO good



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