Looking for Part Time or Full Time Work?

Are you over the age of 15, living in the Phillipines and looking for part time or full time work?

Do you have access to a computer and a reliable internet connection? We need you!

staff-perthWe're a global marketing firm with our head office in Perth, Australia looking for a few good people who could work with us as our VA (Virtual Assistants).

You can work as little or as much as you want and you can work wherever you can find an internet connection.  

You simply log your hours and we pay you for the number of hours you work.

Our average pay for this position is 8k-12k php/mth if you were to work full time (depending on your skills).

What We're Looking For…

staff5Rather than looking for people with skills, we are looking for people with a good attitude and a good eye for detail.

You need to have a caring personality, you need to have been speaking english most of your life and you need to show an ability to follow instructions accurately in order to meet agreed deadlines.

We have team members working with us around the world with the freedom to work wherever they want – from home, from a cafe or wherever there is internet.



We have very flexible hours so we can work with students who are still studying, mums who have children to look after, right through to retired people who are just looking for a few hours to keep their mind active.

It would be beneficial (although not required) if you have some experience with wordpress, google, facebook or any areas in internet marketing.

To apply for this position please correctly follow these instructions:


staff-1Send us an email letting us know you are interested and include your Facebook and Linked-In profile URL.

If you do not already have one, that's OK, but you will need to create one and make sure you include a link to BOTH your new profile URLs.

Send your email to applytoworkonline@gmail.com.

Also please include this exact subject line:

Yes please, I would like to apply for your job.

Please be careful to copy that subject line exactly without any errors.

I hope to welcome you to our team.