Marketing Strategies that Improve Customer Rete

Marketing Strategies that Improve Customer Retention

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Improve Customer Retention through Marketing Strategies

Customer retention can be a fickle thing. In fact, nearly 80 percent of consumers say a single negative customer service experience could prompt them to change companies. Obviously, great customer service is essential, but are there marketing strategies that improve customer retention as well? The following three tactics point towards “yes.”

1. Showcase Expertise in the Field

Showcase Expertise in the FieldIf a student uses a tutor for six months and manages to make a ‘B’ in every class, they’ll likely be happy. If another tutor comes along that can make them an ‘A’ in their classes, though, they’ll likely switch at the drop of a hat.

People want to work with experts in every field. Local business owners should consistently use a content marketing strategy that conveys expertise in their industry. Being the main industry thought-leader in an area is the best way to keep customers loyal.

2. Offer Incentives for Online Reviews

Offer Incentives for Online ReviewsWhile some may not see it this way, online reviews are certainly a form of marketing. Potential new customers often view them as dogma. Fortunately, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask happy customers for online reviews.

It’s even okay to offer them an incentive if the incentive isn’t contingent on a positive testimonial. Not only will this bring in new customers, but it will make current clients feel like they’re appreciated.

3. Convey Values through Marketing

Convey Values through MarketingThe 2017 Super Bowl featured several commercials of businesses conveying their values. The comments on their Facebook page afterward, though, showed that people typically want to do business with companies they share values with.

This doesn’t mean a local business has to jump into political disagreements. By simply sourcing locally, contributing to charities, ‘going green’ and making sure the marketing message conveys these actions, people who share these values will stay on board.

Most people see marketing as a way to bring in new customers, but this is only half of the story. With the appropriate marketing strategies that improve customer retention, a marketing message can also keep customers coming back.



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