How the Twitter Character Update Makes Your Life Easier

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The Advantages Twitter Character Update Gives Businesses

By updating Twitter's character policy, it has given small businesses a more effective marketing tool. And while those who do not use Twitter might not recognize the power of this update, the extra characters can mean the world when trying to send an effective message.

Additional Area to Work With

One complaint many organizations have had with Twitter is the fact that any media goes against their 140-characters. This meant sharing a gif, video or image reduced what message could be delivered. Fortunately, this concern is long gone.

Three new ways to make the most of your 140 characters

In its latest update, Twitter allows users to tweet media without it detracting from their characters. This means entrepreneurs can send out their full message, along with accompanying media, to each and every follower.


Reply to Consumers Without Losing Area

Whenever a consumer sends out a tweet to an enterprise, that business has always had the ability to reply directly. Unfortunately, the original user's Twitter handle went against the 140-character limit. With over 313 million active monthly users, it is possible to imagine that some of these user names can take up a substantial portion of allotted characters. Since Twitter handles no longer count towards these replies, though, organizations have more room to provide excellent service.


Far more Eyes on Tweets

Whenever businesses would direct a tweet at a specific user by tagging them, only that user would typically see the tweet. In fact, other users would have to be following both accounts to see the message. This is not the case anymore. Small business owners can now send tweets directed at specific users and ensure their entire fan base gets the message.

Twitter's updates give organizations a new edge in their social media marketing. While a few additional characters may seem menial to those outside of the marketing world, those extra words can add up to a lot in a world of 140-characters.


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