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Want more client referrals? Here’s how!

Everyone is on the lookout for tips to get more client referrals for their business. However, as stated by some 58.6% of us don’t even ask for them! Customer referrals aren't something that appears just by wishing it so, but instead is the result of a definite, focused and consistently used system. Listed below are seven ways we’ve found to increase client referrals, and they are surprisingly quicker and easier than you might imagine!

7 Ways to Increase Client Referrals

  1. Ask your best clients – These can be your best business evangelists. People who are already crazy about what you do won’t require much cajoling to sing your praises.
  2. Offer incentives – Discounts, free stuff, upgrades or other rewards appropriate for your business are a good way to get people to offer client referrals.
  3. Over-deliver on first-time customers – When you get a new customer, a great way to get them talking to their circle of contacts is to over-deliver to them. This can appear in a number of ways, but make sure they view your company as a cut above the rest.
  4. Engage your customers – Find creative ways to engage with your customers and perhaps find a way you can benefit each other. The key is to get them talking, and being open to ideas. Create an online neighborhood for your customers, such as a blog or Facebook group.
  5. Be grateful and hand out perks – Become great at saying “Thank You”, as well as in understanding  when a well-placed perk will help you. A surprise gift card or a thank you note can work wonders.
  6. Enlist your staff – Getting your employees in the game can boost your efforts. You will usually need to develop a way to reward results, nevertheless it can be very much worth the cost!
  7. Create a loyalty program – A customer loyalty program, preferably online, will assist you to create enthusiasm and engagement. Reward interaction as well as purchases, because this could lead to more people becoming involved.

A solid client referral plan can take some effort, but can also result in a lot of new business pre-disposed to giving you a chance. What more can you ask?

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