Best Looking Guy In Perth

Best Looking Guy In Perth

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This is just another tongue-in-cheek bit of fun as a follow up to an SEO test I ran 2 years ago.  Back then I ran a test to see how long it would take to appear on page 1 in Google for “hazelnut coffee expert“.

At the time, that little test ended with 7 out of the first 10 spots on the first page of Google pointing to me as being the global leading hazelnut coffee expert.  Ironically I haven't had hazelnut coffee since. 🙂

Having a quick look just now I can see that 2 years later I still have the top 3 spots globally.


hazelnut coffee expert


And yes before you say anything – I agree it was a relatively easy phrase to go after (for people who know what they're doing) – only 235,000 results to beat – but that wasn't the point.  It was actually an experiment to see how fast Google indexes stuff.  At the time it took around 30 seconds to get the first spot (with Google hangouts) and around 48 hours to chalk up the rest of the 7 top listings.

So What Am I Doing Today?

Well, this test is really to see how long it takes to get an “image” ranked in Google.  And secondly – can I get this image ranked in 1st position for a particular keyword phrase?

To make the challenge a little more amusing, I picked a phrase I could brag about later (assuming this works). 😉

So I'm going to give this a go and try to rank an image of me which should hopefully appear when people search google for the phrase best looking guy in perth. <evil grin>

So here's the image I'm going to try and rank:

best looking guy in perth rudy labordus







Will it work?  Who knows.  Let's give it a few weeks and see what happens!?  If it does it will crack me up.  😉


Benefits of Ranking Images

So here's the reason why I'm doing this.  Images are easier to rank than pages on your website.  Especially for a competitive target keyword.  Why?  Because SEO guys spend a lot of time and energy tweaking their website, but spend very little time tweaking their images.

Images can also be turned into little banner ads which can help you remain front and centre on page 1 of google.  Have you noticed where images sometimes appear in the search results?

kung fu moves


Depending on what keywords you're trying to target or your niche, image optimisation can drive extra traffic.

This works even better on images where people are interested in details like in watches, dresses or makeup.

“How to articles” also have much to gain from image optimisation. When people are looking to learn something they often want to see a “visual” of how it is done.

Did the “Best Looking Guy In Perth” Experiment Work?

Well… SEO takes time.  Sometimes it's quick and sometimes it can take a few months – but let's come back in a few weeks and see how close I can get to becoming the best looking guy in perth. 😉


Post Follow Up

It's been a few weeks since this article was written so I thought I'd see how we're going.  I just did an image search in Google and noticed we have the top 5 out of 7 images for the search term ‘best looking guy in perth' coming from this article.  This is awesome, but not sure yet why the actual image I want to see at #1 isn't at #1 (instead of other images from this article).

And who is that buffoon to the left of my pic.  What does that say about the best looking guys in Perth – sheesh. 🙂   I'll review again in a few more weeks. 🙂


follow up

Post Follow Up – 3 months later

So 3 months later the right picture is finally at #1.  I must say it took a little longer than I expected for the right image to appear at #1 but we made it. 🙂

image search 2
The images are also coming up in the normal Google search as well (not just image search). And this article is now at #2.
image search result

For those who were following this post, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
Just another bit of SEO fun. Done. 🙂

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