Are Television Ads Still Beneficial For Local Businesses

Are Television Ads Still Beneficial For Local Businesses?

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3 Benefits Businesses Still See From Television Ads

When you know your marketplace, it is easy to place an ad targeting them. Do you run a haunted house on Halloween? Have an ad during a horror show. Trying to advertise a retro store? Placing an ad during a local Antiques Roadshow style show.

Gives the Brand Personality

People want to hook up with a brand, and a tv ad gives small businesses the chance to do this. Make the advertisement personable. After all, research has revealed that brands that build a connection with consumers can successfully charge more than their competitors. Work towards making a connection, through emotion or laughter, with television viewers.

Television Advertising campaigns Target Specific Audiences

On Facebook, small business owners can target their ads based on locale, age, gender and even passions. Fortunately, tv ads can accomplish this too. Have you ever observed that politicians often pay for television spots during debates? This is not by coincidence.

Based on your product or target demographic, you can place a television ad exactly where it needs to be. Advertising a haunted house attraction? Place it during a zombie show. Looking for more customers at an antique shop? How about a commercial during an Aussie Pickers style show?

Television Commercials Reach the Masses

Even though consumers are spending insane amounts of time online, they still enjoy watching television. In fact, Australians watched on average 90 hours and 53 minutes of broadcast TV per month. This means you have a huge audience, and since many are watching live, they are all but captive to your message.

While DVRs and Netflix may have minimized the effectiveness of television advertisements, they haven't erased it entirely. As long as the costs do not outweigh the benefits and you use smart marketing approaches, television ads can be as successful a marketing tool as anything else.


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