A Few Ways Companies Can Increase Their Blog Traffic

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How Small Businesses Can Bring More Blog traffic

Focus on Evergreen Content

It is fine to create blog posts based on current events, but this certainly should not be your entire strategy. Evergreen posts are those that are just as beneficial in the future as they are right now. A blog titled “How to Clean a Catfish in 10 Steps,” for example, would usually do much better than “Legislators Consider New Fishing Law.” Evergreen content stays relevant, and this means people could be sharing the blog years after its initial release.

Center on Titles and Great Images

A blog post could be packed with useful information, but if the feature image and title does not catch a consumer's attention, it will likely not be read. Scan through public domain and no cost images online until something really jumps out at you. On top of that, go ahead and learn the skill of writing clickable headlines. These two changes could take a new blog and make it awesome.

Consider Doing Guest Blogs

If your company only has 500 followers on Facebook, you have to hope for a viral sensation to get thousands of clicks. If a blog you write is featured on a Facebook page with 20,000 followers, though, you will end up with plenty of traffic. Look around for authoritative blogs in your business with massive followings. Pitch just a few ideas to these organizations, and if one bites, you may just be days away from a substantial traffic uptick.

Blogging is a validated instrument that is never going out of style. It won't bring in as much revenue as a few other tactics, but if you are doing it right, sharing content via blogging can pay off with a large increase in ROI.

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  1. Deebak Akash

    Hello Rudy, This blog post is as useful as your previous one. As you pointed having a catchy title and a sensible image exponentially increases online traffic as well as conversion. A quirky title like “A glass of vodka a day keeps the doctor away” will definitely increase the curiosity of readers. And it’s always better to invest the right time in finding a catchy image that talks about the article.
    Which public domain could you suggest me where I could find images without giving attribution ?

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