7 Ways You May Be Sinking your Own Traffic and Conversions

7 Ways You May Be Sinking your Own Traffic and Conversions

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7 Mistakes You May be Making with Traffic and Conversions

Many times we incorrectly think it's our offer or possibly pricing that's the issue when it comes to our dwindling traffic and or conversions, when in fact it may be something far more mundane and fixable.

Often we've unintentionally set up ourselves for failure by failing to pay attention to matters completely unrelated to what we may think is the problem.

So to help with this, we've identified 7 ways you may be unintentionally stifling your own traffic and conversions.

7 Ways to Kill Traffic and Conversions

Duplicate Content – If your site is full of duplicate content, such as tag pages, category pages and perhaps copied content, it's little wonder Google is not rewarding your with any significant traffic. In fact you may even have a site penalty attached. Bottom line: Don't have the same content on any two pages.

Slow Page Loads – If your pages load slowly, you can count on your visitors leaving there there as fast as possible, You have but a scant few seconds, (some studies show less than 4!) to grab their attention and interest them. If you page won't load in that time, adios!

Not Mobile-Friendly – If your pages are not mobile ready you deserve not to have any traffic or conversions. More than half of all Web traffic in 2015 is emanating from a mobile device. What, you don't want those people?

Poor On-Page SEO – Having poorly-optimized on-page SEO, including title tags, meta descriptions, image optimization, H1-H5 tag and more can cause Google to rank your pages below those who have this together.

No Social Media Aspect – Social media signals on your page are widely believed to be a Google ranking factor, and even if they're not, it's a smart idea to allow your pages to be shared as far and wide as possible.

Poor Keyword Usage – Not optimizing your pages with one primary keyword and a bunch of secondary, (LSI) keywords is a prime reason why Google may not be able to properly index and send traffic to your pages.

Too Many Hoops to Jump Through – Finally, if you have forms you expect people to fill out in order to get a conversion, whether it be a mere opt-in or a sale, asking them for too much information is a conversion killer. Ask for only what you absolutely need, and no more!

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