7 Great tips for Growing your Email List

7 Great tips for Growing your Email List

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7 Great tips for Growing your Email List

It's obvious that one of the biggest keys to long term success online is by making use of nurtured customer and prospect email lists. And the odds are not ever in your favor: your email list will lose around 22% effectiveness annually, so it's on you to make sure you're always building and growing your email lists.

So what are some ways to grow your list? Here are 7 suggestions for adding large numbers of new subscribers to your email lists and helping your business prosper for the long haul.

7 Great tips for growing your email lists

Offer a High-Value proposition – Whatever you are offering as a lead magnet, make it crystal clear what they are getting and why they need it, and make certain it is valuable, so much in fact that they can't believe you aren't selling it!

Create amazing email content – It should go without saying that your emails must be top-notch. Make them something that people will hold onto, and recommend to others.

Sharing – Deploy social media buttons in your emails and practically beg your readers to share and forward your message to anyone they know who could benefit from them.

Use Facebook's new Call to Action feature – You're now able to insert a call to action button on your Facebook posts. Employ this by driving them to a landing page of your choosing and getting them signed up there.

Use paid ads to drive leads to a landing page – Low-cost paid ads and retargeting can reap many signups for your lead magnet. Don't discount this one!

Use popups – Ask a bunch of people and they'll tell you just how much they hate popups, but the fact is, the work well. The trick is to make sure you are not overbearing and that they don't stay up long. Master this one and you'll see opt-in rates soar.

Host webinars to collect leads – One of the dirty secrets of collecting email leads is that you can grow large lists by having people sign up for a free webinar.

Put these 7 strategies into action and watch your lists grow!

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