3 Ways to Grow Your Brand via Instagram

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How Local Companies can Grow Their Brand via Instagram

Facebook is undoubtedly the big kid on the block when it comes to marketing on social media. Your small business must realize, though, that many other platforms can be advantageous as well. Look at Instagram, for example, and you will see a site with 60 million daily image uploads and 500 million users. There are many, however, that do not realize how much potential rests here. If you want to build your brand, the following Instagram advice can do wonders.

Get Inventive with Images

At its heart, Instagram is a social media site devoted to images. While you might get some interaction by posting images of products, though, you will need to be much more creative with posts to the site. FedEx, for instance, simply includes their delivery trucks into interesting or popular locales.

This strategy obviously won't work for every business. If you can upload creative images that are somehow linked to your company or industry, though, they are much more likely to get noticed and let people know what type of brand you are.

Keep Branding Dependable Across Platforms

Different social media platforms will obviously need different strategies. A link share on Facebook, for instance, would not really work out well on Instagram. One thing that should stay consistent across all platforms, though, is your branding. If possible, your Instagram user name should be the same as your names on other sites. Additionally, pick a profile image that represents your brand, even if it is just the logo, and stick with it.

Communicate with Followers

Most local business owners know that interacting with followers on Facebook is crucial. Far fewer recognize, however, that this is true on Instagram as well. You can mention users, utilize hashtags, follow industry leaders, ‘like' posts and even urge your followers to make their very own hashtags on a photo. Focus on preserving your brand voice during these interactions, and you should do fine.

Xanga, Bolt and PlanetAll are defunct social media sites you've likely never heard of before. In all likelihood, Instagram will not follow suit. This means you will reap the benefits of reaching out to its large fan base and expanding your marketing tactics.

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