3 Tips for Writing the Perfect Headline on Content Marketing

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The Strategies of Writing the Perfect Headlines for Successful Content Marketing

Concentrate on Headline Length

Regardless of how great of a headline you create, it won't matter if you do not pay attention to length. Every platform, ranging from Google to Facebook, has restrictions on headline lengths. If you go over these limits, people won't be able to read a full title. On Facebook, you have to stay under 60 characters. For Google Ads, two 30-character headlines are the maximum length. Research length requirements for whatever platform you are using, and build your titles around that knowledge.

Start Headlines with Numbers

When it comes to creating headlines, you ought to just ask yourself if you would click on it. As an illustration, would you be more likely to click on “5 Tips for Tying the Perfect Fisherman's Knot” or “How to Tie a Fisherman's Knot?” They both basically say the same, but the one with the numeral tells readers what they are going to get. Reports have shown that numerals create higher click-through rates, so you should be using them whenever possible.

Do a Google Search for Other Content

Google displays the most famous results for any search term. That said, you should do a quick search on the topic you are writing on and get a few ideas. It is vital not to copy titles verbatim, but by seeing what effective pieces of content have done with their titles, you will have a notion on improving yours.

A headline can make or break a piece of content. No matter the title you settle upon, make sure your content delivers on what is stated. If you can do this while producing great headlines, people will start to see your company as an industry thought leader.

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  1. Deebak Akash

    Hi Rudy,
    The article was simple and useful. Most of the blogs I come across lacks a spiffing title. A creative and interesting title is similar to a well defined Call to Action. Thanks for sharing tips on title length (the number of characters), importance of starting with a number etc. Valuable content around great title increases customer engagement.

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