3 Offline Marketing Ideas that will Help You Online

3 Offline Marketing Ideas that will Help You Online

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Offline Marketing Ideas that Supplement Online Strategies

There are a variety of statistics that support the effectiveness of offline marketing. The most important statistic, though, is the fact that almost 40 percent of online buyers only make a purchase after an offline channel has influenced them. This, of course, does not mean offline marketing should replace your online strategies. Using the following offline marketing tips, though, will certainly help your online endeavors.

Engage in Event Marketing

Engage in Event MarketingAttending charity events, trade shows, markets, concerts and other local events gives you a chance to market your business directly. You may have to buy a booth to do so, but the payoff is often worth it. You can also involve your social media page by holding social media competitions right at the event or simply providing a discount for those who ‘check in.'


Use Calls to Action in Offline Marketing

Use Calls to Action in Offline MarketingEven local business owners who do not know much about marketing understand that a call to action (CTA) should always be included in online content. In reality, though, a CTA is just as important to your offline marketing techniques.

Whether it is a commercial or a direct mailer, tell people what you want them to do afterwards. In fact, you can lead them directly to your website or social media page with a CTA. Make sure you give them a reason, though, to actually visit the page. This incentive can be anything from how-to tips to discount offers.

Utilize Tracking URLs

Utilize Tracking URLsA great offline marketing strategy may attract as much traffic as its online counterpart. Unfortunately, analytics can be a problem when people are finding their way to you from offline sources. This hassle, however, is easy to overcome. Speak to your marketing firm about using tracking URLs. This will send people to your page through specific addresses that can then be used to measure how effective your offline method was.

Offline marketing existed long before the internet, so a few decades of the World Wide Web certainly will not change that. Never underestimate the power of offline marketing. As long as you are doing it right, it will always benefit your company.


Resources: How offline marketing boosts online effect by 40%


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